Friday, 16 November 2012

Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)

Yes. This is what i always like to learn and plan and do. 

According to Wikipedia, Do it yourself (DIY) is an action of  building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. The phrase "do it yourself" came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement projects that people might choose to complete independently.

So here i would like to share some idea on D.I.Y. projects.

Save the environment and save your purse !

I would like to encourage the people to join the trip , 
as D.I.Y is a fun and meaningful project.

Back to December-Taylor Swift

It's November
Just around the corner, the December comes again as the ending point of the year.
Let's we enjoy the remaining piece of the year 2012! And wishing that the coming year, year 2013 will be a great year !