Saturday, 1 December 2012

Trip to Legoland Malaysia

Welcome ! 

Last month, we finally make it ! We have visit to Legoland Malaysia. And here, i'm sharing some of my happiness with all of my beloved followers and visitors. 

So... enjoy and please feel free to drop me some comment ! 

Here we go !!!

Firstly, we has pre-visit the Legoland one day before we officially visit the park.

My children ~ i just wondering, what do they thinking ?

And sure, sweet and memorable picture are show here !

I'm pretty and i know it ! xD

Do-Re-Mi ~

Day 2, We have officially visit Legoland ~

We reach the park at 8.30am and have our breakfast at Old Town White coffee near there before we start our day. 

One more, Welcome !

with the inquisitive and the gladness, the child is ready !

I and my sister.
There is a lot of school trip visit to the Legoland.
We queue up for around 15 minutes to wait for their opening hours. 

And this is we three sisters. 

Luckily, the sun is shine all day and that is a good day !

The Imagination part. At here, 
there is an air-cont area with the lego toys that is ready for the visitors to create their creativity. 

And this is my youngest son, he is confuse to take the picture. 

But, in the next second, he has ready with the pose for the camera. 

Me and the model.

The grey rabbit model .

The giraffe model and seem like he is interested to the football !

Me again~ with the two tall and cute giraffe model.

This is my home little captain ! Captain Soh !!! 

And also my little car racer ~ he is so cute !

And this is the mini city of Legoland park. 
With a handsome little boy, my second children, accompany me for the picture ~ ^ ^ ~

Mini edition "Eyes of Malaysia".

Last picture before we left the park.
It is around 5.30pm and we have stay in the park more than 7 hours !

That's all about my sharing. 
For sure, there is still many picture that i wish to share,
but due to the space limit, 
I just pick some of the special things among all.

Our Legoland Trip is really awesome !

How About Yours ?